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Digital Minds MeetUp

Digital Minds MeetUp: Exploring Generative AI Frontiers

Get ready to stay right on top of the most exciting developments, challenges, and hands-on experience in technology. At Pfizer CDI, we are absolutely thrilled to introduce Digital Minds MeetUp events, that bring together the tech and innovation community in Thessaloniki. You definitely won't want to miss the opportunity to engage with the latest insights about cutting edge technologies shared by fellow peers! 

Let's demystify Generative AI - Join us and hear from our partners from Medoid AI and Pfizer colleagues about:

  • Gen AI at MEDOID AI: Synthetic Data Generation, Natural Language Interaction with Databases and Automated Summarization by Grigoris Tsoumakas (Medoid AI)
  • Gen AI in Life & Pharmaceutical Sciences by Yiannis Pandis (Pfizer CDI)
  • Exploring the Power of Generative AI chatbots by Konstantinos Votis (CERTH/ITI)

Why Attend

Are you passionate about the cutting-edge world of Generative Al? This meet-up is your getaway to explore the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence. Join us to:

  • Learn from Experts: Get insights from leading professionals working on frontier technologies and leveraging generative AI to shape the future of artificial intelligence.
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with like-minded tech enthusiasts, developers, and researchers!
  • Discuss Diverse Perspectives: With a panel discussion moderated by Thanos Stavropoulos, immerse yourself in thought-provoking discussions on the future of tech. Engage in lively conversations and gain fresh insights from diverse viewpoints.
  • Innovate: Discover how generative AI is transforming industries and sparking creativity.
  • Empower and Get Empowered: Share your knowledge, ask questions, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Together we will explore the creative and scientific potential of generative AI.

Who should Join

This MeetUp is designed for tech professionals, data scientists, machine learning practitioners, researchers, developers, and anyone intrigued by the power of generative AI. Whether you are seasoned expert or just starting your journey, our Digital Minds MeetUp welcomes all who share a passion for AI innovation.

Mark your calendars for 29th of November and reserve your spot today for the Digital Minds MeetUp. Let's make this evening memorable and get inspired together

Our speakers
Grigoris Tsoumakas
Grigoris Tsoumakas
Academic Co-Founder in MEDOID-AI, Associate Professor in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Learn More

The talk will go through recent projects and products of Medoid AI within the realm of Generative AI. These developments span across several exciting areas, including synthetic data generation, natural language interaction with databases (aka Text2SQL), and automated summarization focusing on taming long sentences, summarizing financial news, and social media listening).

Yiannis Pandis
Yiannis Pandis
Sr. Director, AIDA CDI Functional Lead ,CDI, Pfizer
Learn More

Yannis will discuss Gen AI in Life & Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Konstantinos Votis
Kontantinos Votis
Researcher Grade B, Director of Visual Analytics Laboratory, CERTH/ITI
Learn More

Konstantinos will share the challenges, opportunities and how Generative AI chatbots technology is reshaping communication landscapes. 

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