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Pfizer's Center for Digital Innovation

The global Center for Digital Innovation (CDI) at Pfizer in Thessaloniki, is an intricate part of Pfizer’s innovation strategy and speaks to the bold moves and big ideas that will continue to digitize drug discovery and development and enhance health outcomes and patient experience.

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Based In Thessaloniki

CDI is charged with developing transformative digital solutions driving innovative breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

CDI implements more than 200 global projects, in which we use the science of data and the most advanced digital technologies to improve the experience and outcomes for patients. At the same time, we are an integral part of Pfizer's Digital organization. Our mission is to develop innovative digital and technological solutions that promote life-changing innovations for patients. For this reason, CDI is the key to the company's digital transformation, and supports the implementation of three strategic priorities: improving patient health outcomes, accelerating patients' access to the company's products by maximizing the use of digital technology at every stage of research, development and production, and accelerating the development of ground-breaking therapies.

About Pfizer CDI
Purpose and Vision

Guided by Pfizer’s Purpose – Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives – CDI delivers innovative digital and technology solutions along with customized digital experiences in support of Pfizer’s commercial, research and development, manufacturing, and business partner functions, in alignment with Pfizer Digital’s 3 strategic priorities: to improve patient health outcomes, to bring medicines to patients faster and to fuel tomorrow’s breakthrough therapies.

Be Part of our Mission

CDI Careers

At Pfizer we know that great things happen when people come together with one shared goal. View our opening, apply and you might be the next in line to deliver groundbreaking solutions that change patients' lives.

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Life in CDI

We thrive on innovation and encourage everyone to think outside the box. We foster a creative and inclusive environment where ideas are not only welcomed but also celebrated. The values of Pfizer are also deeply rooted in the Center’s culture: we lead with Courage; breakthroughs favor the bold; we believe in Excellence, we can only change patients’ lives when we are at our best; we are committed to Equity because every person deserves to be seen heard and cared for; and Joy because we take pride in our work, recognize each other and have fun. 

Learn more about Life in CDI

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We are visionaries, the wonder makers, those who find the best solutions at the right time. Aiming to win the digital race in pharma, we strive for the delivery of digital healthcare solutions to improve patients' lives globally. We use an agile co-creation process with colleagues, partners, patients, healthcare providers and other around the world to accelerate breakthroughs and deliver scalable solutions as fast as possible. 

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