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Key Thematics

Start4Health is dedicated to driving innovation in the healthcare industry. To achieve this, we focus on four key thematic pillars that encompass a wide range of solutions. These pillars serve as the foundation for the transformative ideas and technologies we aim to support.

Together, we aspire to redefine what's possible, create lasting change, and accelerate breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. The future of healthcare starts here, at Start4Health. Are you ready to make your mark?

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Solutions that improve patients’ lives and revolutionize patient care through the use of technology ranging from AI, machine learning, IoT, digital biomarkers, personalized medicine, digital therapeutics and biomedical devices, to remote and digital diagnostics, health literacy and clinical decision support systems.
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Computational techniques, algorithms and platforms that process, analyze and interpret biological data to aid in discoveries and health innovation in the life sciences, from genomics to disease prediction.
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Data Insights and Business Intelligence:
Data-driven solutions and tools that could include data analysis, patient data, real time insights, reporting and decision-making to optimize healthcare processes, resource management, operations, strategy and the whole value chain.
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Sustainable Innovation
Sustainability-focused initiatives within the pharmaceutical industry value chain that can have a direct impact on healthcare, e.g., environmentally sustainable practices and technologies, carbon emission reduction efforts, energy-efficiency enhancements and advancements in materials, transportation, smart buildings and waste management.
ScaleUps Studio

ScaleUps Studio aims to unlock collaboration opportunities for mature companies. This track is designed exclusively for mature companies ready to take their business to new heights and serves as the single gateway to established companies to reach out, pitch their innovative value proposition and explore a potential collaboration path with Pfizer’s Center for Digital Innovation.

Our dedicated Review Committee, comprising Pfizer experts and industry professionals, will evaluate your entry based on a range of criteria, including among others your company's maturity, the relevance to Pfizer’s business, the product/service scalability and the innovation potential.

By participating, you acknowledge and embrace the Review Committee's final decisions, knowing that each evaluation is tailored to the unique needs and business priorities of the company.

Once selected, you'll gain exclusive access to a world of possibilities through the ScaleUps Studio. A dynamic program of meetings and workshops with global Pfizer executives will be co-designed, tailored to the potential collaboration opportunities that your unique case brings. The first “Introduction and Preparation Meeting” will set the stage for exploring collaboration concepts and synergies, and co-designing our approach for maximum impact.

Next, the Solution Exploration Workshops will be the dynamic sessions where you'll join forces with representatives from Pfizer's global organization, in order to deepen mutual understanding of potential targets, brainstorm innovative ideas, and uncover common ground for potential synergies and solutions. 

While there is no monetary prize associated with participating in the ScaleUps Studio, the benefits are great. By engaging directly with Pfizer's CDI, it is only through ScaleUps Studio that you'll have the opportunity to explore potential partnerships, co-development prospects, and strategic alliances that can propel your company to new heights.

It's important to note that entering the ScaleUps Studio doesn't automatically lead to legally binding contractual agreements with Pfizer. However, ScaleUps Studio is the unique gateway to present your solution and investigate separate, tailored agreements in the future. 

Don't miss this chance to revolutionize your business and make a lasting impact in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Apply now to the ScaleUps Studio and embark on a transformative journey with Pfizer. 


Acceleration Lab

Pfizer CDI invites the Greek startup ecosystem to carve the future of healthcare through digital innovation, by proposing their visionary ideas in the 3rd iteration of the Start4Health challenge.

Acceleration Lab Key Dates

The program includes three consecutive phases: the Open Call, the Acceleration Phase, and the Final Pitch Day. 

Open Call Phase

Pfizer CDI invites the Greek startup ecosystem to carve the future of healthcare through Digital Innovation with their visionary ideas in the second iteration of the Start4Health challenge.


The Top 5 startups will enter the Acceleration Phase for six weeks and will be assisted by Pfizer Mentors and Coaches from the ecosystem.

Final Pitch Day

The Final Pitch Day includes pitches, events, and awards of the Top 2 startups.

Phase 1
Call for applications
23/05/2024 - 24/06/2024
Phase 2
July 2024
Phase 3
Kick-off Bootcamp
Beginning of September 2024
Phase 4
September - mid October 2024
Phase 5
Final Pitch-day
Expected in October 2024
Prizes and Benefits

A judging committee of global and local experts in Technology, Innovation and Business, from both Pfizer and the ecosystem, will select the Top 5 startups to enter the Acceleration Phase. 

During the Acceleration Phase, the 5 startups will have the chance to work with a dedicated Mentor from Pfizer’s global organisation and participate in various activities with coaches and experts to refine their technology, products and services, sharpen their business model and maximize their value proposition. 

In the Final Pitch Day, the judging committee will decide on the 2 final winners with the most competitive pitches, who will be awarded with the big monetary prizes. All startups that manage to create an alluring business case have a chance to score a collaboration with Pfizer CDI. 

1st Winner

Potential collaboration opportunities with Pfizer 

2nd Winner

Potential collaboration opportunities with Pfizer 

Nico Gariboldi
Nico Gariboldi
Vice President, Thessaloniki Site Lead
Anastasia Matonaki
Anastasia Matonaki
Sr. Manager, Technology & Innovation, Pfizer
Anthony Lambrou
Anthony Lambrou
Sr Director, Commercial Lead, Digital Health & Medicines, Pfizer
Vassilios Pantazopoulos
Head of Scientific Computing & HPC, Pfizer
Thanos Stavropoulos
Thanos Stavropoulos
Sr. Manager, Technology & Innovation, Pfizer
Filippos Zakopoulos
Filippos Zakopoulos
Managing Partner, Found.ation
Tamara Mansfeld
Tamara Mansfeld
VP, Data and AI Strategy, Pfizer Oncology
Yiannis Pandis
Yiannis Pandis
Sr Director, AI, Machine Learning, Analytics and Data (AIDA) CDI Functional Lead & Strategic Partnerships, Pfizer
Klaudia Eriksson
Klaudia Eriksson
Director, Global Digital Innovation Strategy & Alliances, Pfizer
Dimitris Atmatzidis
Dimitris Atmatzidis
Director, Group Product Manager, HCP, Pfizer
Kleopatra Tsagkari
Kleopatra Tsagkari
Director, Digital Product Manager, Pfizer
Hear from Previous Winners

Discover the inspiring success stories of previous winners who have embarked on the transformative journey of Start4Health. These companies have experienced firsthand the many opportunities and invaluable support offered through this groundbreaking initiative. Let their stories inspire you to take the leap and unlock your own potential for growth and innovation.

"The most valuable aspect of the program was the productive interaction with the start4health team and our mentor Anthony Lambrou, which greatly enhanced our value proposition and initiated a further collaboration with the CDI Open Innovation team, for applying genomics in the development of innovative therapeutic solutions.The most memorable moment was, of course, the announcement of our 1st prize, but overall, participating in the Demo Day was unforgettable regardless of the outcome. We strongly encourage innovative teams and individuals to seize the opportunity to apply and participate, as engaging with the start4health team can significantly accelerate the development of their innovations for the benefit of patients".
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"Among the most valuable aspects was the rigorous mentorship from industry leaders and experts, which greatly accelerated our development and market readiness. The program significantly enhanced our networking, increasing brand trust and enabling us to establish more collaborations. A standout moment was the final presentation day, where we were able to present our progress and innovations directly to a distinguished panel, enhancing our visibility and credibility in the industry. For anyone considering this opportunity, I would urge you to apply. The program offers a unique combination of expert mentoring, networking, and exposure to top industry players which can pivot your company to new heights. The competitive yet collaborative environment is perfectly designed to spur significant advancements in digital health technology. Additionally, our ongoing collaboration on a new project with Pfizer is a testament to the lasting impact and opportunities facilitated by the Start4Health program".
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"Participating in the Pfizer CDI Start4Health program last year was a highly beneficial experience for our company. The most valuable aspect was the access to industry expertise and mentorship, which helped us make significant progress. A memorable moment was presenting our medical imaging platform at the Final Pitch Day and receiving constructive feedback from top-tier professionals. For those considering applying, the program is a great opportunity for life science startup teams to challenge your strategy, expand your network, and explore the possibility of a collaboration with an established organization like Pfizer."
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"The Start4Health acceleration program was an invaluable experience, providing mentorship, industry connections, and a platform to refine our business strategy.
The mentorship we received from top industry experts was a unique opportunity and the pitch competition allowed us to showcase our vision to the public.
We highly recommend the program to anyone seeking to gain insights from industry experts and accelerate their startup's growth."

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