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How Innovation Happens

“We are simplifying and automating transactional processes to make room for meaningful work,” said Lidia Fonseca, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Pfizer. “And, we are providing access to cutting-edge learning experiences that prepare colleagues for the future, so they can develop innovations that drive our purpose.”

Innovation in CDI
New Era in Digital Innovation

Digital is transforming every aspect of our business at Pfizer – from the way we discover and develop medicines, to the way we improve health outcomes and the way we do our work faster and easier – so we can deliver breakthroughs as quickly as possible. 

Innovation in CDI
Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing at Pfizer is evolving, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to streamline processes and enhance output quality. Through a groundbreaking platform equipped with state-of-the-art analytics capabilities, Pfizer is revolutionizing its manufacturing chain, from inception of the process to shipping.

Innovation in CDI
Quantum Computing

At Pfizer, we continue the efforts to make the impossible possible. Unleashing the potential of quantum computing is a way to help bring medicines to the patients faster.  

Quantum computing is expected to increase computational power and speed up the drug development process, where some problems are now hard to address with conventional computers. It holds the promise of bringing Artificial Intelligence to its full potential, allowing us to bring breakthroughs to patients faster than we ever imagined was possible. 

Open Innovation Initiatives

At the Center for Digital Innovation, we firmly believe in exchanging ideas and thoughts that will help us excel and reach our goals. To do that, we decided to cultivate a relationship with the external innovation ecosystem that will help us excel on our mission. Through open innovation initiative we connect global organization opportunities to a local ecosystem of partners to research, co‑pilot/prototype and test innovative digital solutions. We are set on a path to develop transformative digital solutions to drive breakthroughs that change patients’ lives in collaboration with ecosystem stakeholders namely startups, research centers, universities, HCPs and patient associations.
We constantly explore the potential of the innovation ecosystem to identify and promote ideas that can shape the digital future of healthcare. To create even more breakthroughs that change patients’ lives, we want to exchange valuable know‑how that will help promote digital innovative solutions capable of revolutionizing the healthcare sector.

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Digital Biomarkers for a disease (HD4PsA)

The HD4PsA project refers to the search for new digital biomarkers for Psoriatic Arthritis (HD4PsA) and the evaluation of their clinical validity in laboratory conditions, through the development of an application that will attempt to assess motor skills. Among others, health professionals from

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Voice Based Diagnostics (VBD)

The aim of the VBD project is to investigate whether it is feasible the early diagnosis and facilitation of the treatment and medical follow-up of a respiratory disease by testing the voice using Artificial Intelligence and the microphone of a smartphone.

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Start4health 1.0 2022

Start4health is an acceleration program focused on Digital Health and targets startup companies in Greece that develop solutions that can tackle challenges of the health industry, improve the digital experience of patients, and promote wellness through innovative technology. Five startups are

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Biology Based Interpretation of -Omics Data (BIOD)

The main objective of the BIOD project is the development of a bioinformatics platform for the interpretation of biological data of the human genome to attain a deeper understanding of various genetic diseases and improve drug development processes. The identification of causal genes associations

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Start4Health is addressed to Greek startup companies incubating innovative digital ideas, processes and solutions of pioneer technology, with the potential to scale health impact and improve patients’ lives. Through the challenge, Pfizer CDI aims to increase its engagement with the regional

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